September 23, 2020

Voice bodies

Corpos de voz by Romulo Goncalves

Technology is changing our environment to make us behave in a more robotic way. Growing surveillance and manipulation are slowly transforming the way we behave. We follow the directives and directions in our digital/technological dominated society; ‘click to agree’ and that is exactly what you do! You click. It is as if we obey without understanding what we’re getting ourselves into, we are behaving like ...


July 29, 2020

Walk gently

walk gently Drawing by Romulo Goncalves

"...those who walk gently on the earth ..." a dialogue of humility. A semi figurative drawing with fragmented line human figure. Essentially, a monochromatic image with an intense textural rhythm. The “human footprint” on the planet comes with an unnecessary heavy connotation.  To be fair this notion is a recent one. But this by itself isn’t an excuse or doesn’t inhibit our responsibility and compromise to ...


July 11, 2020


Breath, painting by Romulo Goncalves

Cities around the world have seen pollution levels plummet as people spend less time in vehicles, offices and factories and more time at home. So, take the chance to breathe properly while you can, because this unique moment in history will not ...


July 07, 2020


Drawing by Romulo Goncalves

As we all know COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, isn’t the first threatening disease that’s surged around the world — nor will it be the last. But to put in perspective, the number of annual deaths caused by pollution around the world is now greater than malaria and HIV combined, with scientists warning that fatalities could reach 6 million a year by ...


June 25, 2020


drawing by Romulo Goncalves

The representation of the human body raises questions concerning structures of power, ideology, and identity. Down to a certain level, we are not so profundly different from a particule of dust. It's all in the way the energy flows and the molecules combine. Parts is an assembled drawing (parts) with anatomical ...


June 21, 2020


Co2_painting by Romulo Goncalves

Currently, humans are emitting over 29 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per year. What remains in the atmosphere is called the 'airborne fraction'. The rest is absorbed by vegetation and the oceans. One indisputable fact is clear, the total amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing dramatically. Current CO2 levels are the highest in 15 million ...