Voice bodies

Technology is changing our environment to make us behave in a more robotic way. Growing surveillance and manipulation are slowly transforming the way we behave.
We follow the directives and directions in our digital/technological dominated society; ‘click to agree’ and that is exactly what you do! You click. It is as if we obey without understanding what we’re getting ourselves into, we are behaving like machines. We’re being, in a sense, conditioned or programmed to behave that way.
Is this change crushing with our “evolutionary needs”? The one that probably explains way we may have preferences to be in beautiful, natural spaces because they are resource-rich environments—ones that provide optimal food, shelter, and comfort.
Corpos de voz by Romulo Goncalves

Corpos de voz, 2020
Oil, acrylic and paper on canvas
80×90 cm