Sometimes everything lights up… (2006)

Installation at Casa dos Barcos – Parque D.Carlos, Portugal

“Sometimes everything lights up …” 

(Herberto Helder) 

(Ten) notes:

  • How can we take root in this world shaped by real-time and virtual information?
  • Information: it is usually redundant, hidden, distorted and manipulated … illuminated by illusion.
  • Abraham Moles ….., and speaking of “image ecology” and concealment of the image persuasive, why not also think of the concept of “information ecology”?
  • Definitely an orientation to the scents, flavors, utopian persuasions!!
  • The natural.
  • Structuring thinking.
  • The logic.
  • Info-munication. 
  • “everything is true and way” (Alberto Caeiro)